This Department of our Firm provides comprehensive services for natural persons (personal bankruptcy) and businesspersons at any stage of pre-court, court, or  enforcement proceedings.  In relation to bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, we provide the following services

  • preparing bankruptcy and restructuring petitions
  • representing debtors/creditors in court proceedings
  • consultancy and services related to claiming, on behalf of creditors, liabilities from partners in partnerships, debtors’ spouses, or members of bodies authorised to manage company affairs, in situations where enforcement of these from the company has proved unsuccessful
  • protecting the interests of creditors/debtors during bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings

Our Firm represents Clients in proceedings to secure claims and in enforcement proceedings. Our legal representation in proceedings to secure claims and in enforcement proceedings includes such services as

  • preparing petitions for securing claims prior to, or in the course of, court proceedings
  • instituting and monitoring enforcement proceedings
  • preparing court and enforcement documents and means of recourse (complaints, including against bailiffs’ practices, and appeals)
  • undertaking other actions in enforcement proceedings
  • filing suits for anti-enforcement injunctions