Today, more and more people are looking for ways to protect themselves and their loved ones against the effects of certain unforeseeable events outside human control. Many such people choose to enter into long-term insurance agreements with unit-linked insurance plans, commonly known as investment policies, provided by many existing insurance companies. However, in many cases insurance companies in such agreements include clauses for severe sanctions if the client wishes to withdraw from the agreement early. Such sanctions include, especially, termination or surrender fees (and other charges, whatever their name). As a result of these sanctions, when the consumer cancels the agreement, they will be able to recover only part of their investment, while heavy charges are made as the above-mentioned fees.

Our Firm specialises in such investment policies, or, in other words, life-insurance agreements with unit-linked insurance plans. In such cases, we assist our Clients in their efforts to recover the funds they have invested, which are often their life savings.  Depending on the circumstances at hand, as determined on the basis of our careful analysis of the relevant documentation, we might be able to

– seek reimbursement of all fees collected by the insurance company on the early termination of the agreement, whether as termination or surrender fees, surrender index,, etc., on the basis of prohibited clauses, or 

– seek reimbursement of all money paid as contributions, on the grounds of the confirmed invalidity of the insurance agreement as a whole. As a law firm we supply the above-mentioned services to Clients who have terminated their insurance agreements and to Clients who still have their insurance cover. For the latter, we can also provide support in making declarations concerning agreement termination and surrender requests.